The Vikings: Part 1

Information About This Unit

List of Materials and Supplies Needed for This Pathway:

Viking Helmet: 

  • A plastic milk jug  
  • A black marker
  • Measuring tape  
  • Scissors 
  • Newspaper  
  • Masking tape  
  • Double-sided carpet tape  
  • A brown paper bag  
  • Glue  
  • Silver duct tape 

Tiny Viking Ship: 

  • Craft sticks resembling Popsicle sticks (one box)  
  • Craft glue (one bottle) 
  • A rotary tool (such as a Dremel) (Adult use only) 
  • Sandpaper (1,200-grit) 
  • A hobby knife (Adult only) 
  • Toothpicks (one box) 
  • 1 sheet of paper (8-1/2" x 11", blank, white computer) 
  • A wood stain pen 
  • Clear nail polish 
  • Tempura paint (nontoxic) 
  • Vice grip pliers 
  • An empty glass ship jar (found at a craft store)

Making Clothes: 

  • Fabric 
  • A sewing machine  
  • Scissors  
  • Measuring tape  
  • Thread  
  • Pins  
  • A pencil or tailor's chalk

Create a Comic Strip: 

  • Paper to create a rough draft and brainstorm your ideas 
  • A pencil  
  • Toon Doo account (free)


  • A printer and basic printing supplies
  • A pencil
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils 

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Subjects: History
Grade Levels: 4th Grade
Instructional Method: Traditional