Position & Direction

Information About This Unit 

List of Materials and Supplies Needed for This Pathway:

Bears - Position Words:

  • The book Goldilocks and the Three Bears (available from the local library)
  • A stuffed teddy bear
  • A bag to hide the bear inside


Treasure Hunt:

  • Homemade clues for a treasure hunt--including positional and directional words
  • "Treasure" for the end of the hunt
  • Food containers, boxes... to put treasure inside
  • Handheld mirror (optional)


Obstacle Course:

  • A pretend river to jump over, made of a towel or sheet
  • A table to go around or under
  • Two rows of blocks for children to go between
  • A tunnel to go through, made by draping a blanket over some chairs or by opening both ends of a large cardboard box   


Pet Rhyming with Positional Words:

  • Picture of pets listed in the rhyme (optional)
  • Sentence strips
  • Box or large hat filled with toys or stuffed animals


Rosie's Walk:

  • Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins
  • A printer and basic printing supplies
  • Card stock or paper



  • A printer and basic printing supplies
  • Pencil or crayon


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Subjects: Math
Grade Levels: 1st Grade
Instructional Method: Traditional