An Exciting New Way to Homeschool!

Do you search the Internet for homeschooling resources?

Are you spending HOURS creating lessons and planning activities? 

Do you want to add more FUN to your lessons?

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Lesson Pathways understands that you want more time to engage with your family.

Researching, screening, planning, and organizing takes time away from your daily responsibilities and leaves little time for teaching and relaxing with those you love.  So we've done the work for you!  

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Lesson Pathways offers more than 900 weekly Learning Units (Pathways) with the very BEST online educational resources.

Multi-Sensory LessonsReading MaterialsPrintable Worksheets
Online VideosEducational GamesHands-On Experiments
Interactive ActivitiesReviewsTeaching Tips
Easy-to-Use PlannerFull CurriculumExciting Supplements





 Each Pathway = one full week of instructional content

YearScienceHistoryMathLanguage ArtsReading & PhonicsPathways per Year
Year PreK00036**36
Year K3636363620164
Year 13636363620164
Year 23636363620164
Year 336363636**144
Year 436363636**144
Year 536363636**144


 ** Year 3, 4, 5:  Reading & Phonics instruction is included within the Language Arts Pathways.


What's in each Pathway unit?

Recognizing the presence of valuable educational resources that are freely available online, we sent the Lesson Pathways team on a mission:  Search for the best educational resource links available for grades K through 5. We then compiled these links into ready-to-teach learning units in science, history, math, language arts, and reading and phonics. The result? 36 weeks of learning units, packed with pre-screened links, for each grade, in each core subject:  Science, History, Math, and Language Arts.


What other homeschoolers are saying:

With four littles, I need all the help I can get with curriculmn planning! We are starting our kindergarten adventure this year and look forward to using Lesson Pathways! 
 This really takes the headache away from planning fun yet educational activities to go along with our lesson plans.

"This is something that ALL homeschoolers should want to invest in.  I am in total awe at how much information is put into each pathway.  No book could ever contain all the info that Lesson Pathways has put together.  This is, by far the most comprehensive curriculum program that I have ever seen.  And for the price, you couldn't beat it!"- Dana Carroll, The Homeschool Mommy on Blog Talk Radio






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